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These paddles are the traditional double blade kayak paddle of the Pacific Northwest. Similar to the Greenland paddle the Aleutian paddle has a convex blade face on one side. The other side of the blade is nearly flat with a center rib that both stiffens the paddle and helps water shed evenly off the face.

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Harpoon Knob The two different blade faces offer the paddler two different paddling options. I call the convex side the sculling face because it sculls very well like a Greenland paddle.
Harpoon Knob The flat side with the rib I call the power face because it grabs the water in a way I find remancent of a euroblade.
Harpoon Knob These paddles all have shoulders that gently terminate at the blade.
Harpoon Knob Unlike the Greenland paddle you do not hold the loom & base of the blade. You have your whole hand on the loom when using an Aleutian paddle.
Harpoon Knob Aleutian paddles come in 3 and 5 layer vertial laminations. Your choice of woods however I suggest different combinations of cedar. Basic art work like the paddles shown above is $45. Send me your images and I can give you a price for more complex art work.

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