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The Norsaq is traditionally used as a throwing stick with harpoon. However, there are many rolls that use the throwing stick in place of a paddle. it is fun and challenging to try rolling with a norsaq.

Traditional Norsaq Traditional Norsaq
Our traditional stick is solid wood with a rounded back and wedge shaped face with a slot for a harpoon (See section view below). Delrin is added to the tip and harpoon peg hole to reduce wear. This norsaq style is included when ordering a harpoon.

Laminated & Inlayed Norsaq Laminated & Inlayed Norsaq
We make inlayed norsaq to your specification or to match your paddle. The grip shown on these norsaq are an agronomic grip style however, a traditional shape is also available. Tell us how you would like the norsaq to look and we will make it for you.

($40 If ordered with a matching paddle.)

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