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Sea Kayaking


We offer classes for all levels of paddlers from beginner to expert including instructor certification courses. Check our schedule of events for class dates and locations or call to arrange a private lesson or to arrange a class in your area.




Sea Kayak Classes

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Instructor Classes | Workshops for All Levels

Level 1 Classes

Fundimental Strokes and Rescues:

This 6 hour class on flat water covers all the strokes and rescues needed to get you started in sea kayaking. During the day we will also discuss different types of boats, paddles, gear, and their respective uses. By the end of the day we you should leave with new skills and the basic knowledge you need to get started as a sea kayaker.

Level 2 Classes

Boat Body Blade:

This 6 hour class builds upon your basic strokes by adding advanced strokes (the cool stuff) to your tool box. We will teach you to use your blade body and boat as one on the water to maneuver with style and grace. In this class we begin to put the pieces together which will allow you to understand good boat control.


This 3 to 6 hour class is an introduction to boat rolling. We will work on the basic skills you need to develop your first roll.

Greenland Paddling:

This 6 to 8 hour class is an introduction to the Greenland paddle. The first ½ of the day we will spend working on strokes with a Greenland paddle and by lunch we will be working on your side sculling and balance brace. After lunch we start working on your roll. If you have a roll already we will add to your portfolio of rolls. Also covered in this class is an over view of skin boats, traditional hunting gear and the history of the kayak and the Inuit people. You will ever get to throw a harpoon!

Level 2 Assessment:

Participants who successfully completed this 3-4 hour assessment will receive the Level 2 skills award certificate.

Kayak Expedition Camping:

This class may be run as a single day class or as multiple day trips. The topics covered in the class are trip planning, route selection, and safe group paddling in a variety of wilderness environments with a loaded boat; Packing and trimming your boat for travel in various conditions; Menu planning, food selection and packing, stove types, selection, and use; meal preparation, clean up and food storage with attention given to safe practices in bear country; Selecting camp sites and setting up camp including tent site selection and set up as well tips for staying warm and dry when the weather is not cooperating; Water collection and purification; Leave no trace principles (participants will receive LNT awareness certificates at the completion of a multi day class); Fire practices and much more...

Current Kayak Camping Down Loads: trip info, bring list, bears

Level 3 Classes

Open Water Paddling:

This 6 hour day is an introduction to the open water environment. We will work on taking your skills into the waves and learn to maneuver and brace in moderate conditions. We will cover some basics of practical navigation and rules of the road. This class is designed as an introduction to moderate sea conditions.

Turning Strokes into Maneuvers:

In this class we will refine the Boat Body Blade (BBB) principles and learn how to paddle with fluidity using a variety of basic and advanced strokes. The goal will be to join BBB and our use of strokes to perform a series of manuvers that we can use everyday. This is where all that work pays off and your paddling turns from sport to art!

Coastal Kayak Trip-Leading Skills Assessment:

This course is intended to provide the minimum skills and training necessary for an adult leader possessing basic paddling skills to lead a trip for participants with beginner level paddling skills, in gentle conditions. The emphasis of this course is trip leading, safety education and rescue, not paddling instruction. The content is relevant for clubs, camps, scouts and other entities providing trips. This is an Assessment Course with a written Examination and award certificate for successful completion.


Participants who successfully completed this 4-6 hour assessment will receive the ACA Level 3 skills assessment award.

Level 4 Classes

Basics of the Surf Zone:

This 5-6-hour course is designed to help students learn to launch and land safely through waves up to 3 feet high in sea kayaks with bulk heads or flotation. Graduates of this course will be introduced to the nomenclature and personal experience of surf zone, timing, and side-surfing techniques. (Prerequisites required)

Tides & Currents:

Tidal Current course is a 6 hour course that focuses on estimating, reading, and maneuvering in tidal currents up to 4 knots around coastal contours in sea kayaks with bulk heads or flotation. Students will be introduced to the process of reading tide charts, studying the water, and controlling the kayak in strong flow. (Prerequisite required)

Rough Water Maneuvering, Towing & Rescues:

This 6 hour course focuses on helping you learn to handle a kayak in challenging conditions. Skills will include but not be limited to a variety of rescue techniques and towing, maneuvering the sea kayak in the wind & waves. (Prerequisite required)


Participants who successfully completed this 5-6 hour assessment will receive in the Level 4 skills award certificate.

Instructor Classes

We offer ACA instructor certification workshops in Coastal Kayaking from level 1 to 4. Additionally, we offer all ACA endorsenments to certified instructors. If you would like to develop your ability to help others learn to sea kayak, or if you are interested in improving your own skills, the instructor certification series will help you on your way to becoming a better paddler and mentor. For more information visit our certification & endorsement page.

Endorsements available:

Kayak Camping- open to instructors at level 2 or above.
Traditional skills- open to instructors at level 3 or above.
Rolling- open to instructors at level 2 or above.
Day Trip leaders endosement- open to instructors at level 2, 3, or 4.

Workshops for All Levels

Traditional Greenland Paddle Making:

This 6 hour class teaches students to make a traditional Greenland paddle. Each participant will carve a paddle under direction of a mentor. We provide instruction, all the tools and a paddle blank. You provide the elbow grease and go home with a new Greenland paddle.


Navigation I: Compass & Chart Use- We'll help you find your way! In this class you will learn how to orient a chart/map, interpret chart information, use a compass, find a bearing, fix positions, and follow way points with confidence. We will start with a class session that covers the basics of navigation and a chart use. With some practice exercises we will develop confidence in using a chart and a compass. we will then take the class outside for a navigational scavenger hunt to practice our skills. All materials are provided for use during the class.

Navigation II: Trip & Route Planning- Building on existing skills, this class will focus on tide and current predications plotting a course, calculating ferry angles use of navigational aids/tools, and calculating drift and speed made good. We will spend some time developing new skills then plan some local trips to apply our navigation skills. This class will focus on finding the information you need and turning it into a trip you can take.

Navigation III: Take your previous navigation skills and test them on the water as we work through naviagation exersizes on the water.

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