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Fold Saws
If you have an idea for a paddle we will make it for you! We do not mass produce paddles. When you order a paddle it willbe hand carved specifically for you. thus each paddle is unique. Below are some commonly requested lamination and wood species combinations. However you can order any combination of materials in any size. To help determining what size and options are right for you visit our measurement guide.

Solid Wood Solid Wood (Spruce & Red Cedar)

Pattit (Red & Yellow Cedar)

Pattit 3 Layer Vertical Lamination
(White Flanking Red Cedar &
Red Flanking White Cedar

Pattit 3 Layer Vertical Lamination with
Hardwood Tip
(Red & White Cedar w/ Maple Tip

Pattit 9 Layer Vertical Lamination with
Hardwood Tip
(Red & Yellow Cedar w/ Birch Tip


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