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When ordering a custom paddle you will need to take a few measurments and choose from a few basic options listed below. Click here for measuring instructions. If you already have an idea for a paddle simply tell me what you would like. if your not sure, looking around the website and finding something that looks cool to you. Then let me know what performance aspects are important to you. I can make a paddle that looks the way you want and performs the way you need it to if you let me know what is important to you.

In the fall & winter it take about 3 to 4 weeks from the time you order for your custom paddle to ship. In early spring and summer add a week to the time.

Gathering information for an order

You will need the following infomation to place an oder. If you need help with any of this information please call (609) 412-9966 or write to tuktupaddles@verizon.net and I will be happy to help you with your order.

You can down load and print this brochure to help you collect your order information: measuring

Information needed:
• Measurements-Length, Loom Width, Blade Width
• Options- Shoulder Shape, , Finish, additional options (below).
• Appearance- lamination and wood(s) (please look around the site for ideas).
• Shipping- Unless you are picking this up, please have your shipping address ready.

Greenland Paddle Options: Shoulder Shapes
The shape of the shoulders on a paddle is a matter of personal choice. The advantage of having shoulders is that they provide a reference or indexing point on the paddle. We make 2 different shoulder shapes: Soft Shoulders, a smooth arch that widens the paddle by about 3/4" over 1" of length: and Shoulderless paddles that have a straight edge that starts at the loom and widens evenly as you move toward the blade tip. A shoulder less paddle allows your hands to slide smoothly & evenly over the paddle. This allows you a relatively even grip anyplace on the paddle. The choice is a matter of personal preference. These are the standard shapes and specifications however if you would like a custom shoulder shape just let us know.

Greenland Paddle Options: Finish

I like to do 3 basic finish types:
Tung Oil- a nice natural feeling that requires easy up keep from time to time.
Urethane- comes in gloss and satin finish looks good and is more durable than oil but harder to maintain.
Epoxy/ Varnish- a very hard finish. I like this when its buffed to a matte finish but when it starts to go its hard to restore, add 1 to 2 weeks for this finish.

Greenland Paddle Options: Hardwood Tips- $30
Hardwood tips add abrasion resistance to your paddle and look good as well. Choose from the following hardwood species or another domestic hardwood of your choice.

Greenland Paddle Options: Take Apart Paddles- (call for prices)
You can make your paddle a take apart by adding a Carbon fiber ferrule to the loom. For people ordering from outside North America a take apart paddle can greatly reduce the cost of shipping.

Greenland Paddle Options: Placing Your Order
When you are ready to place an order please call (609) 412-9966 or email. I will take your specifications, answer any question you have, provide feedback on your choices if needed, and send you a price quote that includes shipping as well as a time estimate until completetion. When you get your quote please reply by email to accept teh quote and i will start your paddle.

To make a payment
I dont need a deposit to start your orderunless the order is very large or you have special art work requests. I have 3 payment options- Mail A check

-MAIL A CHECK You can mail me a check made to Tuktu Paddles LLC at- Tuktu Paddles LLC Po Box 162 Oceanville NJ 08231

-PAYPAL You can send payment via paypal and direct the payment to my email address at tuktupaddles@verizon.net

-CREDIT CARD- Give me a call with your credit card at 609-412-9966. I accept Master card, Visa, & Discover.


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