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Canoe Classes


We offer classes in canoe for paddlers at all levels of development. Our classes in touring canoe, white water canoe, expeditioning, and advanced skills are open to tandem and solo paddlers. Check the schedule for upcoming classes or give us a call to schdule a class for your group.




Canoe Paddle Making
In this 6-hour program, you will carve your own paddle! You don't need any special skills or tools we will show you what to do and provide everything you need to go home at the end of the day with a new paddle. You can choose to make a beaver tail, otter tail or sugar island canoe paddle or choose from a selection of other traditional paddle design options.

Level 1: Solo & Tandem Flat Water Canoe This 6-hour class introduces paddlers to the basic strokes and rescues associated with canoeing. Paddlers will learn the role of person in the boat and how to effectively work together to maneuver the boat.

Level 2: Advanced Strokes and Manuvers for Solo & Tandem Canoe This 6 hour class builds upon the skills in level 1 by adding more advanced (and fun) strokes that we will turn into some dynamic on water maneuvers. We will also learn some advanced rescues and group paddling techniques.

Level 2: Canoe Expeditioning Learn the basics of camping out of your canoe. Planning, packing, gear, food preparation and much more are included in the class. This class may run as a one-day class or as part of a multiday expedition.

Level 3: Expressive Canoe:The Art of Canoeing We love to play on the water! In this class, we will learn advanced maneuvers and techniques using a series of body and blade movements that will allow you to make a solo canoe dance on the water. This class focuses on technique, creativity, style, and grace to unlocking your hidden potential in quiet waters. This is a great way to advance your skills and express yourself through the art of canoeing.

Level 3: Introduction To River Canoe In this class learn to read moving water and to maneuver in currents. Develop your ability to ferry , eddy turn , peel out, S turn, make an a attainment, set a turn and more!

Level 1 & 2: ACA Canoe Instructor Certrification The ACA instructor certification program is the industry standard for professional and docent outdoor educators. In these workshops you will developing your paddling skills, teaching abilities, group managment and leadership, develop assesment and feedback skills and have a great time doing it!




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