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The traditional paddling jacket of the Greenland paddler is the Tuilik. .The tuilik is a combination of paddle jacket and spray skirt all in one. The tuilik seals at the wrists and face and seals around the cockpit combing to keep water out. The tight seal around the face is a great alternative to neck gasket. The garment allows increased mobility, warmth, and comfortable, making it a great choice for active paddlers.

tuilik Tuilik
• 3mm nylon two side neoprene
• grippy skin rubber on shock cord casing
• -1/4" adjustable bungee around base
• 1" nylon webbing adjuster straps over shoulders
• velcro cinches at wrists
Please specify combing dimensions when ordering.

Sm,M, LG. XL $389.00BUY/ORDER
Akuilisaq Akuilisaq
The Akuilisaq is worn during the warmer months in place of the tuilik.
• Greenland style "summer" spray skirt
• 3mm nylon two side neoprene
• grippy skin rubber on shock cord casing
• 1" nylon webbing shoulder straps
all with a rim to fit a traditional Greenland cockpit.

Boots Kamit Boots
These knee length books are designed for wading into the water and remaining nice & warm.
Color: Black
Sizes: Unisex in full sizes from 5-13

Mitts Mitts
These 3mm Neoprene Mitts will keep your fingers warm on a cold day of paddling.
Color: Black

Avataq Avataq- inflatable flotation device
The Avataq was traditionally used with a harpoon as a hunting float. I have used mine as a rescue float, self righting aid and as a great teaching tool for rolling. The avataq is 3mm neoprene with an oral inflation valve and 1" webbing staps.
Color: Black

One Size $110.00BUY/ORDER

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