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Fold Saws
All our canoe paddles come in your choice of solid wood or as a laminated blend of species. Our laminated paddles are also available as bent shaft paddles. No matter what the style all our paddles a made to you specification. We make three basic canoe blade shapes.


The Sugar Island

The Ottertail

The Beaver Tail

Bent Shaft Paddle

The sugar island- is our largest canoe blade, a great blade for moving water or anytime you need a powerhouse paddle.

The Ottertail- The narrowest of our blades is a great touring paddle. The long narrow blade aspect ratio makes maintaining hull speed for the long haul a breeze.

The Beavertail- This intermediate blade size balances the best qualities of our other canoe blades. The Beavertail is a great all around paddle!

Prices for our canoe paddle vary based on style and the wood used. Drop me a note with the paddle your interested in and I will quote you a great price on a custom paddle.

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